Lighting design and consultancy

Lighting design and consultancy

Heliocity offers various services depending on the building stage and object type. Conditionally we divide objects on four categories:
1. Architectural lighting.
2. Sports lighting.
3. Industrial and area lighting.
4. Transport lighting (roads, railways, airports, etc.).
However, architectural lighting of airport building and technical lighting of airplane parking area are completely different.

Architectural lighting

Stage 1 – concept.
Heliocity designers and light planners make 3D visualization, luminaries placement drawing and commercial offer with list of luminaries prices.
Stage 2 – lighting, electrical and installation project documentation. 
Heliocity engineers make electrical schemes drawings, lighting control systems drawings, constructive and installation drawings and estimate project.

Sports lighting

Heliocity sports lighting planners make calculations of various sports objects depending on requirements specification, from amateur to international: football stadiums, basketball and volleyball halls, swimming pools, ski tracks, gyms, etc. All calculations are made in conformity with Russian and International sports federations recommendations and standards on illuminance values and unevenness, color rendering index, glare ratio, HDTV requirements, etc.

Industrial lighting

Most often objective of industrial lighting is modernization of old-style lighting systems to energy-saving light installations. Heliocity industrial light engineers visit their objects, measure present illuminance and ripple ratio, then work out the project of lighting modernization, including lighting calculations, project feasibility and payback period. In lighting calculations we use following software: Light Performer, DIALux and Relux. 

Transport lighting

Sometimes transport lighting is similar to area lighting: for example, for such objects as airports, railways and large logistics areas. But lighting of highways, roads, traffic interchanges and tunnels have to comply with more serious requirements. Heliocity's transport project department succeeds in all these tasks, making traffic safe.